NSA Rubber Voltage Glove Kits - Red (KITGC0)

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NFPA 70E-2015 Compliant for Arc Flash; CSA Z462-15 Compliant for Arc Flash (Canada); Meets ASTM D120, Class 00, Type 1

Testing, Dates & Usage:

  • Newly tested and stamped with test date
  • Must be put into use within 12 months of the test date
  • Once Gloves are issued for use, they must be tested wihtin 6 months from the date they were distributed to employees
  • Should be worn with 10” leather glove protectors
  • Leather glove protectors are not required to be marked with a date.


Cleaning, Storage & Inspection:

  • Should be cleaned in warm water with mild soap
  • Store flat in protective bag and do not fold gloves
  • Avoid high heat and high mositure areas
  • Gloves should not be placed in direct sunlight
  • Inspections should occur before each use
  • Inspection methodsare outlined in ASTM F1236